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Bestselling author J.C. Cliff
brings you book 1 in The Blyss Trilogy.


Blyss is something the world has been trying to create since the beginning of time, the ultimate aphrodisiac, a drug used against women with one single purpose in mind....


A carefully orchestrated and intricately organized sex game. Two sexy, ruthless innocent female caught in the middle. Prepared to spend the summer back at home, Julianna Oakley's plans take an unexpected turn for the worse. She's become Nick Palcini's ultimate obsession, and he will stop at nothing to have her.


Dangerous and controlling, Nick has been setting the stage for a long time, and sparks fly when their separate worlds collide. But Nick didn't bank on one thing: Julianna's fiery, independent streak. She'll fight him at any cost. When Travis Jackson, Nick's right-hand man, lays his eyes on the prize, all Hell breaks loose. He should know Nick is playing for keeps, and while Julianna is fighting for her freedom, a lifetime full of secrets and twisted perceptions slowly unwind as Julianna gets caught in the fray.


Can Julianna adapt to Nick's game in an effort to escape the intricate sex scandal or will she succumb to her fate? Does either man have what it takes to tame her wild spirit?


The Blyss Trilogy: books must be read in order

Blyss: book 1

Blyssful Lies: book 2

Blyssfully Undone: book 3


A New Adult Erotic Romantic Suspense This contemporary, erotic captive romance book is full of suspense, mystery, action, and adventure. An edgy, erotic thriller that will have you hanging on to the edges of your e-reader. (315 pages)


Warning: **Mature Audiences Only** This book is intended for adults of mature audiences only (18+). This book contains themes which could be considered dark.

2016 JC Cliff.  All Rights Reserved.

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