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New! Stryker due to release Feb. 2017!

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What starts out as another undercover mission, quickly becomes a complex, twisted, 

and mind-bending adventure.

A full length novel, ending with no cliffhanger.

A sexy romantic thriller!


What happens when the woman I once loved, and had to let go because of my secret career, suddenly becomes part of the job? 


I never believed in love. No matter how intelligent and logical I was, I seemed to only attract the crazy ones, or women who latched on too tight. The ones who saw my intellect as a meal ticket, rather than wanting me for me.




Valerie Carsen was beautiful, smart, and compassionate. A genuine contributor to society, who wanted to dedicate her life to helping others. She was the one I met while I was undercover on a long mission with my team, Atrox Security. But I let her get to know the real me. Stryker, the man behind all the fake names and secret tasks. Everything about me,




We were together for almost a year, when she discovered me with another woman while I was working on the assignment. Unable to explain what was really going on, I had to let her go. 


Six years later, fate rears its head once again, putting Valerie in the place of my team’s actual target, right in my hands - literally. It wasn’t even supposed to be my mission, but after an accident leaves me being the only one left for the job, I can’t help but think the stars aligned to bring us back together.



This story can be read without prior knowledge of "The Blyss Trilogy or Quinn”, however some parts that are referenced will be more enjoyable if you are already familiar with J.C. Cliff’s bestselling Blyss Triology.

2016 JC Cliff.  All Rights Reserved.

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