This scene takes place in Chapter 21 of Blyssful Lies which is right at then end of the book. So if you haven't read Blyssful might get some if you decide to read...I hope you enjoy it anyway. 

The first half of this chapter is a bit of a review - it'll jog your memory of the who, what, where, and when - setting the stage for what's to come - 

(One small note - because I wanted to deliever this scene to you without making you wait a couple more weeks - this is unrevised and unedited - yes, it's on my to-do list :-) ENJOY!)



        Tangling my fingers through the ends of Jules hair, I mindlessly twine pieces of her golden strands between my fingertips. It’s late in the evening as I sit here with Jules watching Back to the Future. I smile to myself; it’s one of my favorite movies. I could watch it a million times and never get sick of it. I had given Jules her nightly medicine about a half-hour ago, and she’s out like a light. 

       Grant recommended I give her a sleeping pill with the drugs at night so the majority of Blyss would be released while she’s sleeping. Grant had incrementally decreased the amount of Blyss in milligrams, and then re-capsuled the drug, making several different dosages. I had him send the decreased dosages of Blyss to a P.O. Box number in Raleigh. I wanted to keep it as covert as possible, so I had Stryker picking up the packages for me. Just one more week of this regimen and she should be safely off all this shit. Surprisingly, it’s been smooth sailing weaning her body from the drugs, and I feel as if I’ve hit a huge milestone.

       I glance from the movie to Jules’ innocent, sleeping form. Her breathing has evened out, and if I’m not mistaken, I think she’s snoring lightly. I’m enjoying the quiet reprieve from having to fill all her waking hours with lies. My fractured thoughts give me pause as I berate myself. You don’t deserve her, you lying son of a bitch. She’s trusted me implicitly with everything from her basic needs to her very life, and I shouldn’t have any hopes at all for a future with her. But since I’m a despicable bastard, why stop now? I have every intention of sticking to my plans come hell or high water, and absorb every bit of trust and love from her while time is still on my side. 

       It’s not like she has a life to go back to anyway. It’s gone—poof—all with the snap of Nick’s fingers. Even if Jules tried to go back to Adam, well...let's just say Nick had put certain systems in place even I wouldn’t touch with a ten-foot pole. 

Spending every second of every day together for the past two weeks, I feel as if we’ve bonded in ways most couples never do, and I pray to God she feels more for me than she ever could’ve felt when she was with Adam. I love her smile and the way she’s able to find joy in the little things. She’s always thinking positively, and tries to find something good to say, even in a bad situation.

       The sound of car tires crushing the gravel of the cabin’s driveway pulls me from my thoughts. Glancing at my watch, it reads 10 pm now, which means it should be Stryker. Turning down the volume on the entertainment center, I listen for familiar sounds, making sure it is him. I can’t ever allow myself to let my guard down. Even though the likelihood of it being Nick and his men discovering me is very slim, I can never be too careful. I hear the metal key engage in the lock and listen as the bolt smoothly clicks over without a hitch. Letting out a breath I didn’t realize I was holding, I relax back into the sofa, resuming my tender ministrations to Jules’ hair.

       A grin spreads across my face when I hear the rattling of plastic grocery bags. Damn, I hope Strike got some decent food for me to eat, plus all the gluten-free shit Jules needs. Reflecting back on my adventures regarding the gluten and dairy restrictions, the entire endeavor has struck me as being quite comical. She still doesn’t remember being gluten-free, and I have no intention on telling her either. I can’t imagine the shit people go through trying to pilfer their way through grocery store aisles day-in and day-out, having to read every damn label, only to get it home and it tastes like seasoned cardboard. No wonder she stays so skinny; she doesn’t have much to choose from.

       Stryker comes into view hauling a few bags of food. Placing my index finger over my lips, I silently tell Stryker to be quiet. Nodding his head at me in acknowledgement, he continues toward the kitchen, grocery bags in hand with Ranger on his heels. Setting the bags down on the kitchen counter, he turns around to head back out the front door, whispering he has a couple more trips to the car to make. 

       I get up, ready to move Jules off my lap to help him, when he holds up his hand to stop me. “I’ve got it, man. Just sit and let her rest.”

       I whisper “thanks” and sink back into the comfort of the sofa, turning the volume back up on the movie. Ranger, deciding to stay, comes over to say hello by licking my hand, and then begins sniffing at Jules’ hair.

       “I feel the same way, Ranger. I could sniff her strawberry hair all day long,” I mumble to the old dog.

       Once Stryker has finished with the groceries, he strolls back into the living room with three beers in hand. He always has two beers to start with. He says since the first one gets gone so quick he might as well grab a second bottle of brew, saving himself a trip to the kitchen. He slips in under Jules’ feet on the opposite side of the sofa and offers me a beer, but I decline. He raises his eyebrow in challenge, and then nods down at Jules to remind me she’s sleeping and I’m not going to be kissing her anytime soon. 

       Sighing, I damn the gluten and take the beer Stryker offers. I screw off the metal top and begin greedily knocking back half its contents in one swallow. Damn, that tastes outstandingly sinful. I’ve missed a cold beer, especially on a hot summer’s night. Pulling the bottle away from my lips, I hear Stryker unabashedly chuckling at me.

       “Shut the fuck up, man. It’s not funny,” I respond as my lips quirk with humor.

       “Oh, the hell it isn’t. I never thought I’d see the day Travis Jackson would not only hand his nuts over to a girl, but also go without his most prized beer.” 

       I shake my head at him and take another swig. “I’d give up more than just beer for this one; I’d take a bullet for her. I believe she’s the one, Stryker.”

       He looks at me in contemplative thought as the light from the TV flickers against his face. “I never thought I’d see you like this again.” He motions between Jules and me with the bottle in his hand. “It’s as if you’ve found your purpose for living again. It’s good to see you happy.” 

       “She sure has been a trooper. Not many women would brave through the unknown like she has, you know,” I say proudly, tilting my head to look down at my sleeping angel. Her lithe body is spread out between us, her feet on Stryker’s lap and her head on mine. Love and adoration seeps out from every pore of my body for this strong woman. She’s been through so much. 

       “Have you told her yet…that you love her?” Stryker inquires.

       I give a slight shake of my head as my lips thin into a hard line and I look toward the movie in frustration. “I can’t.”

       “Man, I have to say I disagree with your plan. There is a huge fallacy in your reasoning, if all you’re going to do is take things as they come,” he quietly warns, being careful not to wake Jules. “I think you really need to come clean with her now, before her memory returns.”

       I take another sip of beer and sigh heavily. “You don’t understand the ramifications of what could happen to her or me for that matter, if she gets back in Nick’s hands.”

       “I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about you telling her why she’s here with you, how you burned all your bridges for her, all because you love her.”

       I mindlessly play with a lock of her hair while I remind Stryker of all the reasons why it’s a bad idea to clue her in at this point in the game. As many lies as I’ve spewed, when she does regain her memory, I don’t want her to pile my profession of love on top of the heap of lies. When I do tell her, I don’t ever want her to look back and question it. I want her memory back in full force when I confess, and I want it to be special.

       When she does remember, she’ll have to recall how I’ve loved her with my actions, not words. In my book, deeds and behavior always speak louder than words anyway. All the things I’ve done for her has to account for something, granting me some reciprocity. 

       Stryker lets out a half-laugh, garnering my attention, and mumbles while shaking his head in protest. “Not this damn movie again, Trav. How many times have you seen this one anyway?”

       “Not near enough. It’s a classic; it never gets old.”

       “If you say so.” 

       Stryker leans down, extending his hand to the floor, and reaches for his second beer. I watch as he screws off the metal cap and begins rolling it between his fingers. “Hey, Strike, thanks again for everything. I couldn’t have gotten this far in the game without you.”

       His eyes stay fixated on the movie as he lifts the bottle to his lips and takes a long pull. When he finishes his swallow, he turns his head toward me and cocks his head to the side. “No need to thank me, we’ve been in worse situations. You’d do it for me, right?”

       “Without hesitation.”

       We continue to talk low over the volume of the movie for a while, making idle chat. Jules stirs, rolling from her side onto her back then stretches out like a feral cat. Her arms stretching over her head exposes her flat stomach and belly button. Her sleep shorts are riding low on her hips and she looks fucking edible in her innocent sleep induced haze. Her eyes flutter open, and for a brief moment she looks confused, as if she’s forgotten where she fell asleep at. When she spies Stryker she smiles then realizes her feel are in his lap. 

       “Oh, hey Stryker,” she says sleepily. “I’m sorry I was being a couch hog.” She attempts to move her feet, but he stops her by catching her ankles with one hand, raising a brow.

       “I didn’t say you were being a couch hog, now did I? I chose to sit here.” Repositioning her feet back over his thighs, he gently begins massaging her foot as he maintains eye contact with her. “How’ve you been doing?”

       “Mmm,” she responds with a lazy smile then closes her eyes. 

       “That good, huh?” Stryker says with a light chuckle.

       “What did I do to deserve such special treatment?" she purrs, "that feels soo good.”

       As I watch Stryker staring at my girl, I can tell by the look in his eyes, he’s most likely envisioning himself acting out one of his three-some fantasies. There was a time, a long, long time ago, when Stryker and I experimented with three-some’s, sharing a few women on occasion. I don’t remember how it ever came about. For all I know, I either lost some sort of bet, he dared me to try it with him, or I was drunk off my ass. Could've been all three. I’ll say one thing; he knows how to make a woman feel good - damn good.

       A tingle passes through my own body at the thought of the three of us tangled up in a sexual escapade. Stryker has always had a way with the ladies, from his rugged good looks and having a shit load of charm, they find him irresistible.

       The man has an ability to speak volumes with his eyes and body gestures. I’ve seen him work his charms first hand, and he amazes me every damn time. Stryker flicks his gaze to mine, silently asking if I’d consider the three of us getting it on. A wave of jealousy sweeps over me, and then I force myself to tamp it back down. This is Stryker, I tell myself. Stryker would not cross those boundaries of trust; he understands that Jules is mine. I relax back into the sofa, scraping my teeth against my lower lip as I contemplate his proposal, weighing the pro’s and con’s.

       I sure as hell don’t want to do anything to freak Jules out, or have the potential to turn her off either me or Stryker. I’ve worked too fucking hard to get where I’m at in this relationship. Stryker continues to rub the heel of Jules foot, who by the way, still has her eyes closed in ignorant bliss over the silent conversation going on above her head. Stryker must sense my hesitation, he understands and knows what I’m thinking. We’ve known each other far too long for us not to know what the other is thinking. He also has the uncanny ability to read people's body language and their thoughts which constantly pisses me off. I trust him to approach her diplomatically and candidly, and he knows it. 

       With one quick jerk of my chin, I give my consent. He now has the freedom to delicately broach the subject with her and see if she would even entertain the thought. He stops kneading her foot then begins to glide his hand upward, softly caressing the side of her calf. We both stay quiet, waiting for her feel the shift in energy and open her eyes. His large tanned hand stands out against her soft, creamy skin as he continues easing upward, toward the hem of her shorts. I watch as goose bumps begin erupt on Jules’ slender leg.

       “Trav?” Jules whispers, her brows dipping down in confusion once she realizes it’s Stryker who’s touching her in a seductively.

       “Yes, baby?” I ask softly.

       Her gaze flicks back to mine, and I can see the questions swirling behind those baby blues. A subtle shift in her breathing takes place, and just like that, I know Stryker’s touch is having an effect on her. She looks as if she wants to ask something, but she stalls and bites her lower lip.

       “Jules…” Stryker murmurs as he leans over her legs, closing the distance. “Are you okay with me touching you this way?” he asks in a husky voice.

       Her eyes flip back and forth between the two of us then she swallows hard. “What’s going on, Travis?” she asks nervously. I love it that she’s addressed me and not Stryker. It means she trusts me.

       I tilt my head to the side, regarding her with a light grin while stroking the side of her cheek with my thumb. “Do you feel comfortable with Stryker touching you this way? If you don’t like it, he’ll stop.” She licks her dry lips and my dick pulses. 

       “I don’t…” She stutters, “I don’t know what to think.”

       “It’s all right, baby. It’s okay to like Stryker’s touch.” Just the thought of seeing her naked, and watching her body writhe in pleasure as the both of us bombard her with sensations makes my dick pulse. 

       “Do you want me to stop?” Stryker quietly asks with a raised brow. "I can turn up the heat, or shut it down, the choice is yours, beautiful."  His voice holds promise and there's no question as to what he wants her answer to be. When his hand slips up the front of her thigh, skirting his fingers just underneath the hem of her shorts, she gasps. Everything about him appears soft and gentle, except his eyes, they’re heated with want and desire. She flicks her eyes to me again, looking for approval? I’m not sure.

       I continue to caress her face as I ask her, “Baby, Stryker and I would like to pleasure you. If you’re not up for that, you don’t need to feel pressure. You can say no and the subject will never be broached again.”

       “You mean a three-some?” She whispers shakily. I watch her bite those luscious lips of hers. I believe my little sex kitten wants this, because her face is flushed in embarrassment. I give her a warm smile and let Stryker do what he does best, work his charm.

       “Jules, we’re not gonna lie, Trav and I have done this a few times, but it was a long time ago.” He raises both eyebrows and cocks his head, seductively staring her down with molten eyes. “I’m also not gonna lie and tell you, I don’t want you either. My mouth has been watering since the moment Travis brought you home, wondering what your sweet pussy tastes like.” Stryker’s voice turns a deep baritone, “If you have the desire to try this, you’re in highly capable hands…you won’t be disappointed.” 

       She looks stunned, but I can tell by her hard nipples poking through her tank top, she wants this.

       He gives her a minute to let his words sink in. “Would you allow us to make you feel good, Jules?”

       I lean over her, making her eyes connect with mine so I can explain to her that I am very much on board with this notion, but only if this is something she desires.

       “Jules, just to let you know, this will be a one-time deal if you decide you want to do this. If you do, there should be no room for embarrassment. We want to make you feel good, sweetheart, not make you feel anxious. This would only stay between the three of us, and whatever you decide, it won’t be discussed ever again after tonight.”

       “It is odd, Travis, but for some unexplainable reason, I seem to feel this electricity bouncing between the three of us.” I nod my head, agreeing. “Am I crazy?”

       “No, sweetheart, you’re not crazy,” I tell her in a tender voice. “I’m pretty damn possessive of you and I’d never consider sharing you, not even for a single second, but even I feel this.” Her chest rises and falls with excitement, but I need to make this more than clear as I remind her, “Again, I'm only going to allow this once and never again, because you're mine." 

       "We’d be totally focused on you, giving you pleasure ’til you can’t see straight,” Stryker says, wearing a sexy smirk.  “Do you trust us to do that, Jules?”

       She turns to meet Stryker’s gaze and nods her head, whispering, “I do. I truly do.”

       “You want this, then?” he asks, holding his breath.

       “Yeah,” she breathes the word, and the second she does, Stryker wastes no time. He slowly opens her thighs then lifts himself up onto his knees. He settles himself between her legs, his hands gliding over her curvy hips, stopping at the wasitband of her shorts. Mesmerized by Stryker’s bright, multi-colored eyes, she remains in a trance, waiting with baited breath about how all of this is going to unfold.

       His fingers are hedged just inside the elastic of her sleep shorts. “May I?” He asks in a gravely voice, full of carnal need.

       She nods her head, but that’s not good enough. I stroke the side of her head as his muscled body flexes to lean over her lithe one, caging her in. He nips at her lower lip, and she lets out a gasp. As I watch this scene play out, my dick throbs behind the zipper of my jeans, wanting in on the action.

       “Tell me with words,” he whispers over her lips then traces his tongue along her bottom lip.

       “Yes,” she breathes, sucking in a sharp breath, “take my shorts off.” His nostrils flare, and his eyes dilate. One more brush of his lips against hers, and he already has her shorts half off. 

       “Lift up, sweet cheeks,” He commands. Once she lifts her hips and her shorts are off, I peel off her tank top over her head. I shift my body underneath Jules so my back is resting against the armrest of the sofa. I move my right leg up onto the cushion, and open my legs, positioning Jules between them. Stryker and I are moving so fast she doesn’t have time to feel embarrassed about her nudity in front of him.

       Stryker knows since this is my woman, I’m calling the shots. He won't take her without my say. I have her positioned in a way that I can see her reaction in case she decides to change her mind at any point during this scenario. Looking into her eyes, they’re half lidded, gazing into mine with a mixture of nervousness and carnal need. I palm the weight of her breast, my thumb rubbing small circles over her rock hard nipple. 

       “What do you want, baby? Tell me,” I gently demand.

       She swallows nervously then shyly speaks. “I want you and Stryker to make me feel good. I want…I want this, Travis. Just this once.” Her little pants and whimpers tell me she’s fucking turned on.

       “Damn right, it’ll only be once. You can scratch this one off your bucket list, because I won’t share you again. The only reason I’m even agreeing to this is because Stryker is the only one I trust in this situation.” I shift my eyes from Jules to Stryker’s, giving him permission to proceed by nodding my head. 

       Stryker places his hands on the inside of her thighs then slowly spreads her legs apart. “Oh, baby… Jules.” He sighs fondly, looking at her pussy in appreciation. “You’re so beautiful. I can tell you want this. Your pretty pink pussy is swollen and glistening. You're turned on and soaking wet for us already,” he says in awe.

       Wasting no more time with small talk he leans down, taking a long slow pass over her opening with his tongue. "Stryker," Jules cries out.

       He ignores her cry as he growls over her opening, “Oh yeah, pure honeysuckle.” Holding her legs in place, mouth covers her entire pussy, and I know his tongue in thrusting in and out between her folds. Jules finger clutch at my bicep, her other hand grabbing into my thigh as she tries to ground herself, but it's not going to happen. I plan to unravel her. I roll her nipple between my fingertips then pinch and tug at her hard nub. 

       "Travis," she whimpers, "oh my gosh." She writhes between my legs, rubbing against my stiff cock. I'm thinking Stryker's talented tongue is driving her insane, because she tries to squirm away from the onslaught of his tongue. His knuckles blanch as he clasps her thighs tighter, trying to hold her still. She whimpers, her legs trembling then she lets go. She bucks her hips upward, into Stryker's mouth, wanting more.

       I lean down and nip the shell of her ear, whispering seductively, “You like that, my sweet Jules? You like Stryker's heated tongue inside that tight pussy of yours? We’re going to make you cum so many times tonight, you’re going to lose count. How does that sound, baby?”

       “Yes! Oh, God! Yes!” She cries out, digging her nails into the muscle of my arm. I continue to pluck at her nipples, alternating between the two then I slip my fingers down to her clit. I begin pinching and rolling her little nub between my fingertips as I watch Stryker work his wicked magic, driving his tongue in and out of her with a ravenous hunger.

       Jules lifts her chin searching for my lips so I dip down, crashing my mouth over hers. She has no choice but to pour her sexual fire into my mouth. Our tongues stroke against each other in a heated dual, it’s a frantic kiss, one so intense my balls want to explode. She wraps her hand around the back of my neck, forcefully pulling me into her harder, thrashing her tongue wildly over mine with abandon. My cock swells to an ungodly size, and I swear I’m going to have a permanent zipper imprint on my dick. 

       Her entire body shakes, and I know she’s on the brink of an orgasm. Working her nipples and clit harder, I groan into her mouth. The intensity of her orgasm is too much for her to deal with, she tries to pull her mouth away from mine, but I won’t let her. I want her to ride out her climax, surrendering into me with that frantic kiss. 

       She’s lit such a raging fire inside of me that I vaguely hear Stryker talking under his breath, “Holy shit, that was hot. I was right Travis; she’s Honey-fucking-suckle.”

       When her orgasm has faded, I break the kiss, surveying her body in the aftermath. Pure satisfaction consumes me as I take in her flushed appearance. I revel at the fact she’s so turned on, she came at the speed of light. Sated fulfillment fills her eyes, and I want to see more, give her more than she could’ve ever fantasized on her own.

       “This has only just begun, Jules, you haven’t felt nothin’ yet,” I tell in a husky voice.

Stryker sits back on his heels with a hungry look in his eyes as he slowly begins peeling off his t-shirt. His jeans and underwear are the next to go, he’s about to come undone. His eyes are half-lidded as he wraps his fingers around the length of his erection and gives himself a few strokes.

       I shift myself against the back of the sofa, bringing Jules with me then press her backside against my chest. She lays her head against my shoulder still breathing hard, her eyes dancing with excitement of what’s to come. I spread my legs open then place her legs on the outside of mine, opening her wide. 

       “Wrap your ankles and feet around my calves,” I instruct. Jules anchors herself to me, and I groan in her ear just imagining what her pussy looks like spread wide-fucking-open and out on full display. My girl is ready for more erotic foreplay. I Place my hands on her hips and pull her ass into the bulge in my jeans so she can feel my dick throbbing against her ass. She lets out a gasp of surprise. I nip and kiss down the side of her neck, thrusting my hips upward, spreading her ass cheeks open wide so I can neslte my dick between her creamy flesh.

       “Travis…” she moans. She’s so disoriented and dizzy with lust she can’t even speak.

       Stryker has positioned himself in front of us as he wears a shit-eating grin on his face. He bends down inches from her lips and growls out, “Girl, I’m gonna draw this out as long as possible. If I only get one night, it’s going to be a night to remember for the rest of your life.” He confidently takes over, and with an erotic tease of his tongue against hers, he makes her beg and search for more by making her chase him, giving and taking, tempting her with his tongue. 

       Both of his hands firmly cup her breasts, and when she lets out a gasp, he fuses his mouth to hers, driving his tongue in deep. He begins to pluck, twist, and pull on her pink, taut nipples. 

       “” She pants between kisses. 

       Sliding my right hand down to her slick sex, I slip a finger into her wet pussy, and thrust deep inside her core. Stryker and Jules moan into each others mouths in a heated dialect which turns me the fuck on. I buck my hips into her ass again, wishing to Hell I was naked. 

       She’s so fucking wet, her juices make loud slopping sounds against my fingers. “Damn, Jules, you’re so fucking hot.” I whisper, licking and sucking down the length of her neck while using the heel of my hand to rub against her clit.

       Stryker breaks the kiss, taking a step back as he tries to catch his breath. “Touch me Jules, touch me anywhere and everywhere,” he says almost frantically. Jules goes right for the gold, wrapping her hand around Stryker’s thick dick. “Shit! You’re gonna make me blow before we even start.” He gently pries her fingers from his erection then steps into us, laying his full body weight over Jules and I, sandwiching her between us.

       He steadies himself with one hand behind my head, grasping onto the edge of the sofa as he slips a finger into her heat along with mine, and within two strokes, together we find our rhythm. Her ass grinds against my dick, and I’m not sure I’m going to make it. She releases a series of whimpers then arches her back. “Oh…It’s to much! Oh…” She cries out.

       “Let go Jules, don’t fight it,” I rasp, “turn your head towards me Jules, kiss me with everything you’ve got.”

       She angles her head to the side, giving me full access to her sweet lips as Stryker assaults her with heavy kisses, trailing them down the side of her neck. I breathe heavily through my nose as I explore her mouth with my tongue in a ferverent frenzy. She tastes like a mixture of her honeysuckle juices and Stryker, and I let out a deep growl from the back of my throat. I'm breaking out into sweat, but I keep the punishing pace as I continue to thrust my dick against her forbidden hole. 

       “Come all over our fingers, Jules,” Stryker rasps. She shivers in my hold as she’s bombarded with heated fingers and tongues all over her body. I break the kiss and mimic what Stryker’s doing on the other side of her neck. She moans and murmurs an incoherent chant.

       Stryker kisses along her jawline then hovers over her mouth. His eyes searing into her hers, full of lust and pent up desire. He whispers against her swollen, red lips. “You taste like honey suckle everywhere, sweet Jules,” He pauses to lick seductively over her lips, “and I can’t get enough of your sweetness, both inside and out.” His mouth and tongue crash over hers and I know Jules can’t last much longer from our double assault.

       Like a lightning bolt striking its target, I feel the second her core clamps down on our fingers with a spasm so powerful she loses her breath. “That’s it, baby. Come all over our fingers, baby,” I encourage.

       A powerful wail leaves her lungs, but Stryker swallows every bit of it with his heated kiss. Her legs shake uncontrollably over mine, the walls of her pussy spasming as she’s comes all over our fingers. Her sexy body writhes over mine in a delirium.

       When her cries and whimpers begin to calm down and her legs go lax, Stryker and I slowly come to a stop. When he lifts his body off ours, the untamable feral look in his eyes says it all, it’s going to be a long night. He runs both hands through his pretty boy hair, his voice coming out gravely and desperate, “ gotta get her to the bedroom…like fucking now. I’m not so sure I won’t blow on my way there.” 

       I half chuckle at him. “Take her Stryke, carry her back to the bed," I tell him. "I need a second to get myself under control. I damn near lost it on that last orgasm myself.” Stryker doesn't hesitate, he steps forward and scoops her into his muscular arms. I sink back into the sofa and wipe the sweat off my brow, taking a few deep breaths to get my heartbeat back under control. 

       The way she opened her body and soul to us, it was a turn on like not other. I think she took us both by surprise when she consented to this. My Jules is a little minx, her body so damn responsive. 

       When I slip off the sofa, the leather creaks underneath my weight. I look down to see Ranger getting up too. He stands with me as he wags his tail. Shaking my head at him, I let out a light laugh. “There are some things not meant to be seen dog, and that was one of them,” I tell Ranger. “You stay here.” I give him the hand signal to stay, but he looks at me expectantly the way dogs do. Nevertheless, he obeys and sits down at my command. I turn on my heel and head down the hallway toward the bedroom. 

       Halfway down the hall, I turn back to see if Ranger is following my orders. When my stern glare reaches his eyes, he lays back down on the floor then places his head on top of his paws. He peers up at me through those puppy dog eyes of his. I shake my head at him, and before turning back around, I mumble to Ranger, “What? Did you really think you’d be allowed to watch? That’s just damn sick…you, dirty, dirty, dog.”




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