The Chemistry is off the Charts

What readers are saying: J.C has a tremendous talent for writing suspense and intrigue leaving you desperately flipping pages to figure things out and just when you think you have, oh no things take a different turn. ~ #Minxeslovebooks


His cerulean eyes blaze with heat mere inches from my face, and I feel the exact moment the electrical charge changes between us. His eyes flick to my lips, and I lick mine in anticipation. “I want to kiss you so bad,” he murmurs. “I shouldn’t want to, but I can’t help it.” I don’t know why he shouldn’t want to kiss me, but I stay silent. “Stop me,” he softly demands as he slowly closes the distance. I'd be a fool to stop him, so I wait with bated breath until his lips gently press themselves to mine. For all that is holy, as simple as his kiss is, it undoes me in ways I’ve never thought possible. It’s sweet, gentle, and light. Slightly parting my lips, I kiss him back and he turns hungry, taking advantage of my willingness.

For who ever has lusted after a hot man in camo.

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